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As a PR pro or a company owner, managing your own public relations campaign and writing press releases are key to your future success. PS2G Consultants are available to help you with this task. Meeting and working with clients to develop their PR and marketing strategy is our passion. Let's work together to develop your unique marketing strategy.Get Free Quote


If you've got news about your services, a product or your company, get ready to experience the power of the press.


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Power of the Press

Spread the WordThe press release is not a story that should be published word for word. It’s just a tool to grab the attention of the editors.


Press releases are very powerful online media tools.


I am not talking just about immediate results, but also about results that can be seen in time, sometimes weeks, even months, after releasing the news.


Occasionally, people confuse advertising and publicity. Advertisers focus on the “now” and on the direct sales. Public relations experts focus on the long-term relationships with the industry, clients, media and business partners. Public relations generate “credibility”.

PR experts present news about a company in the form of a relevant press release.


Press releases are read by journalists online or offline, and if they decide a story is worth publishing, they might write an article or publish it "as is"..