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Park Smart Golden Brick AwardCompanies sign on with public relations agencies for a variety of reasons. You might use an outside agency to increase customer and investor awareness, launch a new product, or build your corporate image. Whatever your reasons, before you select a PR agency, you should do a bit of research.


Hiring a PR professional has become very important to those companies planning to stay competitive in today's marketplace.


Prior to speaking to a PR professional be sure you clearly define your PR objectives. PR professionals do a lot more than tell your story to the press and develop success strategy— they can write speeches, find statistics, create newsletters, and handle crisis communications and more.


It is smart to know what to expect before hiring a representative to work on your behalf.


Get Free QuoteCost

What do you expect to spend? Most PR agencies charge on a per project basis and others charge per hour. PS2G Consultants offer quotes based upon a “per project basis.”



The initial consultation is free of charge, and helps the PR professional accurately quote your PR campaign/ project cost and decide how many meetings will be required to complete the campaign.


The consultation also allows you an opportunity to get to know the individual or company representing your interest. Connecting and building a strong relationship with your PR agency is extremely important to your future success. Because of this, we suggest choosing a local company which offers personalized service.



Do you need an agency that specializes in your industry, or one that serves growing businesses? You know more about your business than anyone.


Choose carefully, a company or professional you feel will best represent your unique company. We look forward to meeting with you and thank you for the opportunity to serve you!